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Customizable Digital Modeling & Fabrication

Advanced & Direct Digital Manufacturing

Visual Computing & Computer Graphics

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Create web based 3D designs

CAD Web Services

Create web based 3D designs, convert and visualize CAD data, and access CAD web services

Graphics Chatbot

A chatbot that lives in Slack and gives visual answers and updates.

Presenting an AR for Interior Design
Presenting the Furniture Customizer

Furniture Customizer

Custom made furniture.

Mockup Table Configurator
Presenting the Multicopter Customizer

Digital Fabrication for Lasercutting

Design for laser cutters in 2D and preview in 3D.
Fully automate your workflow: Input directly from drawing board to machine output of ready-made physical objects.

Interior Design

Augmented Reality for Interior Design.

Presenting an AR for Interior Design
Presenting the Multicopter Customizer

Drone Fab

Design and build your custom Multicopter.

Box Customizer

Design boxes for laser cutting and optimize you production process with our cloud-based nesting service.

Presenting the Box Customizer
Presenting the Customizer Index

Customizer Index

This is A & B's Guide to the World Wide Web:
A reference to find customizer to generate 2d & 3d models quick & easy.

Weekend Projects

Weekend Projects are the time-honored tradition in homes across the country.

Make this weekend a fun and interesting project by yourself or with others.Have fun getting creative instantly, no matter your skill-level.Start with comprehensive instructions and make your project individual.

Generator for Maker Projects

Remix other, and build upon already existing maker projects and tailor them to your needs and ideas.

3D Modeling for Maker

Start making with customizable, simple and easy to use 3D modeling tools for Makers, that you can use in your browser.

Presenting the Arduino Customizer

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